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Easy Cookin by Justin Wilson

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Easy Cookin by Justin Wilson
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“Dis is so easy to cook and it tastes so good, you are going to think somebody lied to you about how good it is, I garontee.”

—Justin Wilson

People in Louisiana love to cook and they love to socialize. That’s why these easy down-home recipes are just the thing for the neighborly chef. Justin Wilson, who was always looking for ways to make his cooking easier, eliminates peeling and chopping by using flavored salts and powders instead of onions, celery, and garlic.

From breakfast to dinner and appetizers to desserts, Wilson packs every course with a cornucopia of flavor. Pecan Cornbread is made with pecan meal, and fish is fileted twice to speed up the process, allowing the host to get out of the kitchen and mingle with guests. Adding just the right amount of spice to every dish, Wilson makes good use of local ingredients, like Creole mustard, Louisiana hot sauce, and cayenne pepper. Sayings and anecdotes are of course included, because just like his food, Wilson is a representative of Cajun culture.

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